A Trip Like No Other






It was a whirlwind week at Walt Disney World for us.  We arrived a week ago Saturday morning after driving through the night in the rain. That’s when our adventure began. 6 people in the minivan, 3 generations of family.  All of a sudden we heard a “clunk”. The driver’s side windshield wiper flew off! Luckily the rain had stopped long enough for it not to be a problem. We got off an exit on a fairly dark road and my husband walked to the passenger side to switch out the passenger side wiper and put it on the driver’s side. He then proceeds to tell me he almost stepped on a dead armadillo! Yes, you read that correctly.  A dead armadillo. Taking it all in stride, we took the wiper off the back of the van and we were on our way.  After finally finding a Love’s gas station (if you drive, look for these because they are awesome!) and bought new wipers. Thank goodness we found that one because when we went to change them out, the other driver’s side wiper was about to fall off! (so much for those fancy wipers I had purchased!) I was really looking forward to daylight and maybe some sun as we passed through the entrance to Disney, but that wasn’t meant to be. Clouds and rain ended up staying with us for the first three days of our trip. Normally, rain wouldn’t be a problem for us, but with 2 kids in a stroller and my mom in a scooter, the rain did damper our spirits a bit. We were so happy when we went to breakfast on Sunday morning at Epcot and actually saw the sun- but it didn’t last very long. The worst part was that it was rather chilly. Looking like a drowned rat is not the most attractive thing, even if I was in Disney World! I can’t tell you how happy we were when the sun finally appeared again on Tuesday morning and never left. Now, it finally felt like our normal trips to Disney. 85 degrees and bright, blue skies- the norm for Walt Disney World.

It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy the parks without fear of a downpour or that my mom would have to race her scooter to get out of the rain. We had a wonderful time with three generations of our family-the way we usually go to Disney. I only wish that my little princess didn’t come down with a stomach bug near the end of the trip when we finally made it over to the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. She wasn’t acting her cheerful self for a few days but we thought she was just exhausted from all the running around.  She ended up getting sick and not being able to enjoy the Soak Station at all. I asked my sister to get some wipes for me and instead came back with a new Minnie Mouse sundress and flip flops-courtesy of Disney. A wonderful Disney castmember asked my sister what happened and when she told him, he immediately directed her to pick out a new outfit for my princess.  See, THAT is pure Disney magic. That is what sets the service at Walt Disney World above any other place I have ever visited.  It’s those little things they do, that are big things to us, that make us want to go back time and time again.  It’s the attention to details. The attention that you, as a guest, receive. What could have been a horrible experience for my princess, turned into a happy, magical one. It made her feel special and as a mom, that is exactly how I wanted her to feel at that moment. Disney sprinkled their pixie dust once again! 🙂

It was a crazy beginning and end to our trip, but nothing could take away the memories that we made spending precios familly time together. Life has taken an unexpected turn since we returned and it has really brought to the forefront how important our family time together is. I cherish every moment I have had with my family and the times like we have had at Disney World are a big part of my life’s big scrapbook. What memories are you creating every day?  Are you planning a trip with your family that you haven’t taken because you think there’s always time?  Make time.  Don’t just plan your vacation.  Go on vacation.  Create memories with your family so that your scrapbook will be full of happy memories.

During this week and next I will be sharing some stories and photos of our trip.  Believe me, I took PLENTY of photos! You don’t realize how many pictures you have snapped until you transfer them from your camera to your computer! I hope that when you look at my pictures, you will be inspired to take a trip of your own to Disney soon!




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