Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test




The title of my blog pretty much says it all. It was our turn to finally have dinner at the highly anticipated new restaurant, Be Our Guest in New Fantasyland. Our biggest question was, “Will we or won’t we be seated in the Grand Ballroom?”. As big fans of Beauty and the Beast, we knew we HAD to sit in the ballroom for dinner. Maybe we’d eat in the West Wing for lunch, but we wanted to experience the “grandness” in person.

We went up to the hostess stand located before the bridge to the castle and were given a pager. My son, Jedi grabbed it. He loves anything that is electronic. We were told to wait on the bridge by the iron gate.  There was a little bit of a wait, but it had nothing to do with the restaurant.  Some of the members of our dining party had been delayed and so other people ended up ahead of us. We waited and as you can see in the picture, Princess Minnie and Jedi wanted to get in that castle!


Finally, our beeper went off and my son was given a candelabra to light the way into the castle.  It was such a nice touch. I really didn’t know what to expect.  Sure, I had seen pictures, but there is NOTHING like turning the corner and seeing the amazing ballroom. Yes, we were being seated in the ballroom! My sister and I were so excited!


As we walked in we noticed a dessert cart off to the side. All I will say is, EVERYTHING looked amazing! It looked like little treasures being hidden under glass. But that was for later.


We were seated at a long table and each place setting had a red napkin folded to look like a rose. I commented to my mom that I wondered who had the job of making all those roses! Wow!  Once again with Disney, it is all about the details.

Now for the food… I ordered onion soup which was incredible.  I could have eaten that all night. Not salty at all like is often the case. For dinner my husband had the steak and I ordered the ratatouille. The entrees arrived and were plated so elegantly, just like one would expect in a grand ballroom. During the dinner, snow was falling outside the window and Beast came out of his study to walk through and greet the guests who were dining in his castle. Then it was time for the treasure trove of desserts to be rolled out. Our server opened up the glass case and explained what we had to choose from. I think everyone in my party tried something different. The best part was when my sister (instructed by me) asked the server if we could “Try the grey stuff because we heard it is delicious.” The server brought over the grey stuff and I was the lucky one that was able to eat it! They’re right.  It is delicious. That’s all I’ll say. I’ll let you go there and experience it yourself.

On our way out of the restaurant we stopped in the study for a picture with Beast. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

So, if you are like I was, or you’re like all of my friends, you really, really want to go and experience it for yourself. Just remember, Disney doesn’t joke when they suggest you make reservations 180 days in advance. This is one restaurant that gets reserved first. My suggestion, if you “think” you might be going and you are at 180 days or so before, MAKE YOUR RESERVATION! You can always cancel if your plans fall through, but if they don’t, you’re set!

Here are some more of the pictures from our dinner!

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