Build Your Own Droid at the Droid Factory






Last year during Star Wars Weekends, Disney introduced a new addition to Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Droid Factory.  At the Droid Factory, Star Wars fans of all ages can choose from a huge assortment of droid pieces, including R2-D2 heads, and create their very own droid. Think of the combinations and great characters you can create!  Well, now you will be able to create your own droid at another location, Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. 

When I first heard this, my reaction was, “My son is going to love this!”. I was right.  I showed him pictures and he said, “Mommy! That is AWESOME! When we go, we are going straight from Star Tours to the Droid Factory.” Now you have to understand that we will be in Disney starting next weekend and my son and daughter have already planned out our first day.  We were to go to Hollywood Studios to go on Star Tours, then leave and immediately head to the Magic Kingdom so that they could play at the Casey Jr, Splash and Soak Station.  Not exactly the best plan or the most efficient, but that’s ok.  But NOW, that plan has changed (with the approval from his sister) and we have the Droid Factory stop in between.  All I can say is thank goodness my son has saved his money and it is all on Disney cards because he plans on buying something the very first day. (Something I usually discourage because the kids might see something else they like.)

I can’t wait to see my son’s reaction when he sees droids everywhere. To use his word, “IT WILL BE AWESOME!”.