• 2 girls riding an attraction at Disney World- Disney After Hours

    Additional Dates for Disney After Hours

    Many of you know that Disney After Hours is pretty amazing with little-to-no wait time for favorite attractions and experiences at Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Additional Disney After Hours dates are now available at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

  • Disney Cars

    More ‘Cars’ Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    When Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy came into Disney’s Hollywood Studios on March 31, 2019, the world of Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” unfolded all around guests, and the fun and excitement now extend beyond the show into the courtyard outside Sunset Showcase, with special entertainment, photo ops, and more. Piston Cup Champion Cruz Ramirez is stopping by to meet and take photos with all her fans, and DJ, the ultimate party on wheels, has hit the open road and made his way east, bringing his own incredible music mix to liven things up. Several times daily, things kick into gear for “DJ’s Ready! Set! Party Time!” as Lightning McQueen’s Pit Crew arrives on the scene, getting…


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