Changes are Coming to MamaMouse!

One of the things I have learned about Walt Disney World over the years is that things change quickly. Very quickly. Every day there is new information out on all things related to Walt Disney World which is great, but if you happen to be a mom who blogs about Disney World, it can be really hard to keep up with everything. When you are the only person working on your blog, no staff, no one else to research, write, and edit the information, that task becomes almost impossible. Add to it that I homeschool our two children, book vacation trips to Disney for clients, and run an additional home-based business, as well as write an additional blog, it is impossible. Not to mention what I have been feeling in my heart after doing this for almost 7 years. It is time for a change.

No, I am not going anywhere, but what I am doing is changing things. I realized that my blog that is all about giving a mom’s perspective on all things Walt Disney World, became more like an aggregator of information that I would receive from Disney. In an effort to make sure that my readers had the latest information, I would share it, but the majority of my posts were nothing special. They had nothing to do with a mom’s perspective on things. Disney itself does an awesome job of sharing that information without me repeating what they share. I want to get back to what my readers come to MamaMouse for… real-life experiences and help navigating the oftentimes confusing world of Disney trip planning. Some of my biggest posts are the 14 and 15 unique things to do at Disney and my packing list. Posts like that help my readers when they are thinking about a trip to Disney.

So, what does all this mean?

If there is major news like a huge update, opening of say Star Wars Land, or a special vacation package with dining, I will definitely post about that. Individual resort information etc. will be phased out as that information can be found directly on the Walt Disney World site.

What will be coming?

  • More real life experience based blog posts
  • Posts with infographics that give you lots of specific info on a particular topic that makes it super easy to understand and read
  • Favorites in Disney World
  • Special tips
  • Anything that I feel my readers might want to know about Walt Disney World (for example, homeschooling in the World, special spots for pictures…)

I hope you understand my reasons for making this change and I hope you continue to visit my newly re-imagined blog!

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