Disney Buys Lucasfilm (aka Star Wars) for $4.05 Billion

While this might not be directly related to Walt Disney World, the announcement of the purchase of Lucasfilm could possibly mean an uptick in the already awesome Star Wars Weekends held each June. While I am not saying this is going to happen, I would say it is a good bet. I always felt that there was a reason why Disney kept Star Wars Weekends around and promoted them as much as they did. Now we know why. I know, my family for one, is really looking forward to seeing what Disney will do with this new acquisition. One thing is known. Star Wars Episode 7 WILL be released. The date being given is 2015, but after working in film for a bit, I know that the 3 year window for that seems a little short, unless there has been a project that has been kept under-wraps. Either way, my son is really looking forward to it! When George Lucas originally planned the Star Wars stories, it was for 9 episodes, so it should not come as a shock to Star Wars aficionados that 7 is coming out. Now that Disney owns them, I’m hoping to see some really awesome merchandising in the parks next time I go!