Effective March 23rd! New Age Restriction Takes Effect






I know there are probably many parents out there that feel that their 10, 11, 12, 13 year old children are old enough and responsible enough to visit a Disney theme park by themselves, but now Disney theme parks located in the United States are saying, “No.”.  Any child under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. This is the first time that an age restriction such as this is being implemented.  This was not a decision that was made on a whim.  Guests were surveyed and major children’s’ welfare organizations were asked for their opinion on what an appropriate age would be to enter one of the parks on their own. As a mother of two little ones, I cannot imagine letting my child do that in the first place, but each parent makes their own decisions.  Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown said, “If a cast member who is working at the front gates sees a guest who appears to be younger than 14 without someone who appears to be older than that, they will engage in a conversation with the guest.”  If the cast member believes the child is under the age of 14, the parent will be contacted and asked to come and escort the child into the park.  Ms. Brown elaborates, “That was the age they felt was appropriate. That’s also the age the Red Cross recommends for babysitting.  We regularly review all of our policies, and we identified an opportunity to provide a consistent age of admission and address a question we occasionally get from parents.  The question is just if we have a minimum age.”  

Ms. Brown stated that there was not an incident which led to this decision. “This was a move to bring a consistent age policy across our domestic resorts,” Brown said.

Why can I hear the tween crowd who previously were allowed to wander by themselves (scares the heck out of me!) throwing a fit the next time they visit?




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