How I Went from Injured in the Star Wars Half to Healthier than Ever

When we visited Walt Disney World in February, I was worried about if I would be able to walk. I had suffered an injury during the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon that sidelined me with piriformis syndrome which mimics sciatica. I suffered with that for a year and a half. Every day. Severe pain.

But a few months before that trip. October 8, 2017 to be exact, I began a journey that I didn’t know would take me where I am today. That day was the first time I tried what I thought was just a yummy drink, just to see what benefits I would get from it. Within 3 days, I began to see a difference in how I felt. I had crazy energy, focus, my mood was better, and I was sleeping. Little did I know that the carb cravings would soon leave me, the severe sciatic-type pain I had daily would as well, and that my body would be naturally led to the keto lifestyle. That was my experience, but there are plenty others like me.

I never looked back from that day. Now, it is my mission (and my husband’s) to help others find the key that helps unlock their healthiest life. If it was a diet, it would have ended long ago. It is a lifestyle and one that is made possible and dare I say, easy by utilizing my one drink a day of #momfuel. Keto is hard on its own, but when you have access to a tool that is known to have amazing health benefits, why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Like I did. And the best thing is that it IS possible to be keto and enjoy what Disney World has to offer! In fact, if I wanted something super special, the chefs were more than willing to create me something from scratch. You know, when I had a hankering for something sweet without being pure sugar.

1 year later. 40 pounds down, majority is fat loss, not water. 25+ inches lost. Sciatic-type pain from Piriformis Syndrome is barely detectable. Healthier than I have been my entire 15 year marriage. I am biking, swimming, dancing, playing, doing all the things I thought I would never be able to do with my family again. And I am happy. Happy not just because of the fat loss, but happy because I am proud of myself for trying something new. I had tried everything else and they failed. I now know what works and what doesn’t. I also know that my life would be vastly different if I never took the chance last year. Look at the difference! I didn’t even realize it at that time. The picture on the left was me last September in Disney.

And that trip in February? I had no issues at all! If you have gone to Disney World, you know how many MILES you can walk in a day, let alone time spent in queues! For someone who could barely stand on one leg and have to hold onto a shopping cart for balance, it was amazing. My husband got his wife back. My children got their mom. And I was able to come back from what could have devastated me and now I am incredibly healthy.

I am beyond grateful. I am beyond blessed to be part of a community that wants to help people be better. A community that truly cares about the promoters and customers. A community that believes that it’s time to share the conversation about a product that is transforming lives.

I am so blessed.

So, what is it exactly?

It’s my awesome #momfuel. It’s not even a weight loss product. It’s one simple, delicious drink a day. My whole family drinks it and sees benefits. I mean, who doesn’t want better sleep, focus, energy, mood, and fat loss? Think of how different your next trip to Disney could be! I am so excited for ours!

If you want more information, head over to the page I have with my hubby on FB and send me a message! MamaMouse is all about The Blessed Keto Life while still helping people plan for and book magical vacations! It is a win-win!





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