It’s All in the Details- The Quest at New Fantasyland






One of my favorite things about going to Walt Disney World is the adventure of finding new details that imagineers have specifically placed like little treasures.  If you’ve ever heard of searching for “Hidden Mickeys”, it’s like that, but on a much bigger, and sometimes, smaller scale.  What I mean is that there are so many details throughout each park, resort etc. that the sheer magnitude is mind-boggling.  I mean small, because some of the details are literally so small you might miss them-even if you have walked past it hundreds of times. Each time I go, I learn more and more. Moms, this is an awesome learning activity for your children.  It can almost be like a scavenger hunt.

Now with New Fantasyland open, a whole new assortment of tidbits are waiting to be discovered. I love this stuff! Just when I think I know them all, I’m thrown a curve ball which only proves how brilliant the imagineers are!

So, here is a short list of fun facts/things to look for in New Fantasyland! Let’s start the quest!

1.  Check out the plaque at the fountain by Gaston’s Tavern. In typical Gaston fashion, he pays tribute to…himself!

2.  In Maurice’s cottage, take note of a painting on the wall. You will find out how Belle developed her love for reading…reading with her mother. (moms, I know you LOVE this!)

3.  Look at your feet as you walk the Storybook Circus walkways, there are peanut shells beneath you!

4.  Look for the keys to the tavern, hanging high on the antlers!

5.  Make sure you check out the signs for the restrooms and stroller parking. Think they are just ordinary…think again!

6.  The train cars at the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Area have numbers on them. The numbers represent the dates different parks opened!

7.  The name of the New Fantasyland train station should sound familiar to you if you read my “Happy Birthday Walt Disney” post yesterday! It’s called Carolwood Park. A name that pays homage to Walt Disney and his love of trains.

8.  Take note of the color of the light fixtures in The Little Mermaid area. The colors represent the blues and corals of the ocean and reefs.

9.  Look for the hidden Nautilus in the rocks at Under the Sea-Journey of The Little Mermaid.

10.  Finally, this is more like a fact than something to look for, but the imagineers saved water from the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction that closed years ago.  That same water was then placed into the water at The Little Mermaid attraction. Who would have thought they would do that?  It was a way of taking part of old Fantasyland and merging it with the new.

There you have it.  A start to your quest at New Fantasyland.  If you’re going, print out the list and let your kids enjoy the pleasure of playing the quest!