Kidani Village

Kidani Village is situated adjacent to a 21-acre wildlife preserve.  This gorgeous African themed resort features accommodations which are not only warm and inviting, but inspiring as well.  I don’t know of many resorts, other than Kidani Village or Jambo House, where you can wake up and look out from your room and see giraffe or zebra.  I can tell you, that is one of the best memories that my children have! They could have spent all day out on the deck watching the animals.  Kidani is not just a resort, but an experience.  Not only did we stay in a fabulous resort, but our trip became an educational experience as well.  The cast members (some of which were actually from Africa) were so informative and willing to explain everything from the decor to the habits of the animals.  My children learned about conservation from a cast member who explained to them why it was important not to feed the animals, brings straws or balloons to the resort etc. On top of that, the lush surroundings were a sight to behold!

Because of the proximity to Jambo House, Kidani Village has only one restaurant, Sanaa, a 3 award-winning resturant featuring African cuisine. Bus service is provided between the resorts and we had no problems going back and forth.  You can also walk over to Jambo House. A bit hot after a day in the park?  Head over to Samawati Springs, a 4,700-square-foot, zero-depth entry pool with a 128-foot long slide.  There was nothing as refreshing as the pool on a hot summer day! Except maybe a nice cold drink from the pool bar! 🙂