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I’ve always known that a trip to Disney World is a learning experience, as well as a lot of fun.  Pretty much every attraction has something educational that can be gleaned from it. That is one of the things I love about going there!

As a newbie homeschooling mom, I wanted this past trip to be educational. Not to mention that we were ending our school year in Walt Disney World. Honestly, I can’t think of a better place to finish off a successful school year. One of the greatest gifts homeschooling has brought our family is the ability to go anywhere and learn. We are instilling a love of learning and the ability to see that lifelong learning is wonderful and that it can happen at any time, any where.  We’ve had trips to Atlanta, in and around the Charleston area where we live and Walt Disney World. The best part of it is that the kids are having fun and don’t even necessarily think of it as learning. Now wherever they go, they seek out things to discover and learn about and they are excited! As their mom, I think that is awesome.

Before our trip, I went to Target and found little blank books in the dollar section. I bought travel related scrapbooking stickers and let the kids design their “Passport to the World”. We brought them with us when we went to World Showcase and as we traveled from country to country, we made sure to stop at each Kidcot stop (special areas for kids to do a craft and color either a Duffy or Agent P sign). Princess Minnie and Jedi had to speak to the cast member (who is actually from the country you are visiting).  Sometimes the cast member, for instance in China, would ask them a question. This time it was, “Do you know how to say hello in Chinese?”. At first Princess Minnie and Jedi weren’t sure, but then she said, “Have you ever watched Kailan?”. Well, there you go. They immediately said, “Ni-hao!” She was thrilled that they knew how to speak in Chinese! 🙂 As you can see in the pictures below, each cast member wrote a special note and on some pages, actually wrote their names in the native language. What was wonderful, was that they took the time to then explain everything that was written. I must say that in Morocco, that was really interesting because I had completely forgotten that their language is written right to left. The kids were curiously watching because all they know is that you write from left to right. Let’s hope when we start lessons up again they don’t decide that’s how they want to write! 🙂

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Not only can your kids learn at the Kidcot stops in World Showcase, they can learn elsewhere in Epcot and all of the other Disney Theme Parks. As you go through the pictures in the following gallery, just imagine how much there is to learn about. On my next trip, I will be investigating some other learning opportunities and I will be sharing them with you. Now to the pictures! Enjoy!

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