Mom Alert! Save Big Money Now on Disney Items!








I am sure the last thing you want to hear is about shopping-especially after just finishing the holidays. But, now IS the time to go shopping. If you are smart AND lucky, you can score some major deals on Disney merchandise and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is Christmas-related. I always go to the big stores after the holidays and specifically look for clearance Disney merchandise.  I either fill a bin with things for next Christmas or I put them away in a bin for our next Disney trip. This is an awesome way to save on souvenirs or surprises while you are at Disney. Save now, save later.

Last year I found so many things! At Walmart I found a 16 inch Mickey and Minnie statue, Disney wrapping paper, Princess pillow door hanger, and Princess and Toy Story bath sets. Walgreens is another great source for Disney items! Last year I found a Minnie and a Mickey door hanger, small tabletop musical Disney Christmas tree, more wrapping paper, stickers, gift tags, snowglobes, ornaments.

This year was an AWESOME DEAL! All of the items show above were purchased at Toys R Us for 90% off. You read that correctly, 90% off! The Belle doll is currently selling on Amazon for a whopping $69.99 and EBay for $119!! I bought everything for about $11 dollars TOTAL.  The Belle doll cost $3.00! That is a far cry from almost $70!

Don’t delay! Most major retailers are down to 90% sales and you may have to pick through a bunch of items you don’t want, to find the treasures below! If you find anything, I would love for you to visit and like my Facebook page, RealMamaMouse and post your picture and what you paid for your deal! I would love to see what everyone finds in different parts of the country!