New “Happily Ever After” Fireworks Spectacular Set to Replace “Wishes”

May 12th, 2017 marks a new era for Walt Disney World Resort guests. One of the most cherished fireworks spectaculars in the world is being replaced by Disney with an all new fireworks and projection spectacular titled “Happily Ever After”. Imagineers are hoping (and probably praying) that guests will love what they have planned. With new and better technology available, there will not only be fireworks, but more lasers, lights, and projections than ever before.

“Guests become part of the journey themselves as they follow favorite Disney characters on an adventure to seek out their destiny, face adversity, and ultimately fulfill their dreams on the road to their happily ever after.” And yes, Tinkerbell will still be there.

It sounds wonderful. It really does, but…

It’s not “Wishes”, and many people are quite upset about this. My family included. The reaction I got from my 10 year old son when I told him was just what I expected. He didn’t understand it. He said that he thinks Walt is in heaven just shaking his head in disbelief that something so special and dare I say, sacred, to Disney fans around the world, is now being replaced. I think so many of us want to be reminded of a simpler time. A time when fireworks were just fireworks. A time when you just wanted to hear Jiminy Cricket remind you at the end that wishes really can come true. There is something so nostalgic about that fireworks show. There are many tears that have been shed during the Wishes display and that is because people are emotionally connected to it. It was so hard to tell my son that this was going away too, after his meltdown last year at the end of Osborne Lights. He started naming all the things that keep being taken away and wondering why it has to be that way. I have no answer because I believe not everything has to be fancy and new. That’s what I love about Main Street U.S.A. It’s like going back in time. Sometimes I wish there was a way to stop time and keep things like they are.

I don’t know. Maybe we will all love “Happily Ever After”. We are willing to go with open minds and hope that somehow it elicits a similar feeling like we had with wishes. Only time will tell.

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