New Look at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

minetrainAs Disney prepares for the soft opening of the new attraction, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we are now getting a glimpse of what this ride might actually be like…or feel like. Hold onto your Turkey Legs, or better yet, wait to have one until after you experience this ride! Made to mimic and actual mine car with the back and forth swaying motion, this ride is sure to make a few people a bit unsteady. (it would for me!)

Something else to look forward to is an interactive queue which will help alleviate the time spent waiting for the ride. I know the queue in the Dumbo attraction has been an amazing hit, especially among parents or those enjoying Disney with small children! The new interactive queue will be based upon mining for gems. What I love about this queue is that it is educational as well, because it requires collecting and sorting different types and colors of gems. I LOVE IT!!!


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