seattle seahawks, disney world

Seattle Seahawks’ Malcolm Smith Visits Disney World

seattle seahawks, disney worldAfter the Super Bowl ended, I said to my son, Jedi, “I wonder who is going to Disney World.”. He looked at me puzzled.  I had to explain to him that whenever someone wins the Super Bowl, they say “I’m Going to Disney World!” and then they go and Mickey throws a big, celebratory parade in his team’s honor. Well, this year was no different.  Who got the honor?
Seattle Seahawks linebacker, Malcolm Smith.  What’s so great is that this is the FIRST time that a defensive player has had the honor of being selected. Did you see the commercial and notice something different this year? The person singing “When You Wish Upon A Star” is none other than Frozen’s, Idina Menzel.  If you haven’t seen it, make sure you check it out!