Top Ten Things You Need to Know: Magic Bands for Disney Resort Guests

magicbandboxI am sure by now you have heard about Disney’s new system that is now in full effect in the entire resort, including the theme parks and restaurants. The names you may see associated with it are Magic Bands and FastPass+. I have used these on a prior trip and now look forward to using them again as we make our way “home” this week. Too bad, hubby is going to miss out because of a new job, but maybe just maybe he’ll make it for a day or so. When I used them the last time, I had absolutely no problems with them and that was during the testing. Some guests are running into a few issues, but overall, the system seems to be working. As with anything new, there will need to be tweaks made, but in typical Disney fashion, I would bet they are on top of it.

Off-site guests have been upset because they were not allowed to get Magic Bands, but the roll out has begun and they will now be offered to off-site guests as of today (March 31st). This Top 10 is geared towards resort guests. I will be creating a separate Top 10 for off-site guests as well.

So, let’s get started!

Top 10 Things to Know!

1.  Magic Bands are equipped with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. These chips are also being used in the refillable mugs you will see at Walt Disney World which limit where you can use your cups. It is also the same technology that is used everyday in those nifty little fitness bands and even when you open you car door with a remote. It can be read at both long and short-range distances. An example of short-range is when you will tap your Magic Band to get into your resort room. Long range will give them information that will be useful for them in enhancing your Disney experiences.

2. Magic Bands will serve as your room key, park admission*, FastPass+ reservations, Disney Dining Plans, PhotoPass* and charge card*.    (*when enabled)

3.  Magic Bands are customizable! Pick your own color and your name! (it can be anything!) You can even purchase covers and special Magic Bandits and sliders to decorate your bands!


4. You can opt out. Magic Bands are meant to make your stay more enjoyable. No need to bring cards with you anymore. Some people do prefer the tried and true method of card entry. If that is you, just request an RF card at your Disney Resort!

5. You can reserve your FastPass+ experiences 60 days in advance (with a valid park admission connected to your account), but you can only reserve 7 days worth of passes in a 30 day period. They also do not need to be consecutive days.

6. You can reserve up to 3 FastPass+ experiences per day and only at one park. You can always change the park and experiences if you decide to go somewhere else by either using the My Disney Experience app available on both Apple and Android systems, on a computer or at the kiosks located in the parks.


7. Magic Bands are waterproof which means you can splash to your heart’s delight in pools or even when you get dunked on Kali River Rapids!

8. Magic Bands initially come in an adult size, but can be customized to fit smaller wrists by removing the gray outer piece.


9. If you are afraid of getting your Magic Band mixed up with your other family members, no fear! Whatever name you used for your Magic Band is imprinted on the inside of your band!


10. There is no extra fee for your Magic Bands. They are included as part of your resort reservation.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and I will be sure to get the answers for you!



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