Decision Time






I know.  I’ve inundated you with information and a bunch of questions, but that’s just the planner in me.  I believe in having the most information I can possibly have before making a decision.  You’ve figured out your budget, you know your personality and so now you need to know what to do.  It is decision time.  Are you, or aren’t you going on a dining plan?  If the answer is no, then all you need to think about is if you want to make reservations in advance of your trip or whether you want to wait it out and hope that you get what you want.  If you’re a planner, then hold on because you are about to enter the world of Disney Dining Plans.  It’s not as scary and intimidating as I make it sound.  With a little touch of pixie dust and a lot of knowledge from Mamamouse, the journey will be all worth it in the end and you’ll be wondering why you thought it was so difficult in the first place!

Next up, Plan/OOP.