Walt Disney was a man of the future.  He had a vision for what was to come and wanted to build a land that depicted that vision.  Tomorrowland is still a representation of that vision, but now also represent what people often think of when they hear the word future.  If you think about it, would Walt Disney ever have imagined that a phone would go from a rotary landline to what basically amounts to a small computer that fits in your pocket?  As a matter of fact, if you’re old enough to remember, did you ever really believe that we’d have anything like a vcr, dvd, or dvr? The concept of recording tv and being able to go back and watch it was a foreign idea! I remember in my youth when I wanted to tape an episode of my favorite soap opera.  You know what that meant? I placed a tape recorder next to the tv and taped the audio! That was the best I could do. Forget about watching tv on my phone or having digital files that contained my music.  When you think of all the technological advances made in recent years, you can understand why Tomorrowland in concept is a great idea, but in execution and maintenance, not so great.  Everything at some point or another will need to be updated to keep in touch with the changing world.  Walt Disney World has done an excellent job of maintaining the vision that Walt had, while imagineering new things for the future.