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Going to Disney World is not just about the rides. A trip to the world can also be a fun, learning experience or a place to do things that will make your experience that much more magical. Take a look at some of the great things you can do during your stay! (and this doesn’t even include recreational activities like horseback riding or boat rentals!)

Backstage Magic Tour
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
Disney’s Family Magic Tour
Harmony Barber Shop- A must do, each trip! Stylists sprinkle pixie dust or color gel your child’s (or adult’s) hair! Awesome deal!
Holiday D-Lights
Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour
Walt Disney’s Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour
Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage
The Pirate’s League
Quincenera Celebration
Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour
VIP Tour Guide Services
Yuletide Fantasy