Planning a Trip

You’re either thinking about or have decided that a trip to Walt Disney World is in your family’s future. Now, you’re wondering if you should plan, what to plan and how to plan for your trip. I’ve found that the more you plan upfront, the easier and more relaxing your trip will be. I always tell my friends that a little legwork at the beginning will pay off in the end.

I know what you’re thinking… “When do I have time to plan? I already have…” Insert chauffeuring kids around, cleaning the house, working, taking care of bills, caring for children… As a mom, the list goes on. I know. I understand. I feel your stress. The last thing you want to do is add something on top of everything you already do. But, you’re an amazing mom (otherwise you wouldn’t be on my site!) and you already know how to multi-task better than most people on Eath. It comes with the blessing of being a mom. So, must you plan? No. Should you? Absolutely!

The best way to plan is to start by navigating through my website. I’ve set it up to be Mama friendly because I know your time is worth everything to you. I have clearly labeled everything to make it easier for you to find. My site is a work in progress and will constantly be evolving. The top navigation bar contains item that for the most part, will remain constant. There may be tweaks here and there as Disney updates the World. If you are looking for current news and special features, those can be found on the middle navigation bar. Also, if I have a must do, personal favorite or tip, you will either find a small MamaMouse logo, or special purple text. So, now that you know how to use the site, get ready to plan and have fun learning about Walt Disney World through the eyes of another mom.

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