Welcome to MamaMouse.com!

I’m willing to bet that you stumbled upon my site because of your interest in Walt Disney World.  Maybe you’re like me.  You’re the vacation planner for your family, or you just love everything Disney. I fall into both categories.  As a mom of two little ones, I’ve spent countless hours researching everything having to do with a trip to Disney World. To me, Walt Disney has created the most amazing vacation spot on the Earth! Whether you’re big or small, there is always something new to enjoy.

I’m a very organized planner and so going on vacation to Disney is no exception.  As Disney Vacation Club members, my family is fortunate to be able to go to Disney World at least once a year.  As strange as it seems, just when I think I know every secret there is to know, I find so many more! My friends and family have call me because I am the “go to” person for anything related to Disney World. I often strike up conversations with strangers who tell me about their plans and then they seek my expertise. So, that is where the idea for MamaMouse came from! Since I am a mom, this site is geared to that demographic. Now you can come to one spot exclusively for moms, dads and caregivers of small children.

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