MamaMouse’s Ultimate Disney World Packing List – The Updated List!

MamaMousePackingListThis Spring, we are embarking on our annual big trip to Disney World which means only one thing. Packing. I’ve done this many, many times and actually blogged about it, but I decided my list needed a few additions and revisions. If you are like me, you are a planner and nothing is more handy than a nice, clean packing list already made up for you!

New on this list, are two added pages. One is for items you might need to add to the list that are specific to you or your family. The second blank page is for you to keep phone numbers, addresses or any other information that might be needed during your vacation. I would suggest bringing this list with you, so that when you pack to leave Disney World, you can double-check that you have everything. I have bullets for each item that can be checked off when you add something to your suitcase. If you do that when you pack for the trip, it makes it so much easier to see what you actually brought with you. I also write down the numbers of items I pack. For instance, next to socks in the child list, I will write 4 pair. If when I go to pack up to leave I only have 2 pair, then I know we need to start looking for missing socks! I am all for making life easier!

If you have anything that you think would be a great addition to my 2015 Packing List, please let me know! I would love to know if I missed anything.

Now to start packing…

Note: If you should get an error message below where the image of the pdf should be that says the “bandwidth limit has been reached”, please disregard it. This is a common occurrence on websites and as of this writing, no one knows for sure why this is happening. You can either just download the pdf using the link or you can refresh your page and that usually clears it up!

Download (PDF, 122KB)




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