Minnie Planners: EPCOT



Hollywood Studios. Check.

Off to Epcot. Or so we thought.



Now this wasn’t smart of us, was it? We were delayed in the morning because we had to switch from our one night stay at Kidani Village to Boardwalk Villas. Then, we spent a good part of the day at Hollywood Studios. We had to make a short stop at our hotel so my husband could switch shoes. I would be the next to do that on Saturday morning. Note to self: When your crocs have seen their best time come and go, it is time to say goodbye to them, otherwise suffer the consequences. What began as a little bit of pain turned into a lot of pain on Saturday night! Never again!

Our original plan was to take care of the two rides on our list, Mission Space: Orange and Test Track.  That would be easy, until on our way back from Hollywood Studios the nastiest clouds I have seen in a long time in Florida rolled in. You know, the type of clouds that look like they could drop a tornado at any minute. The kind where the wind picks up and you just “know” something is brewing. I know there are Disney people who will walk around in ponchos in torrential downpours, dodging lightning and flooded walkways, but that’s not us. We are fortunate to go to Disney enough where we don’t feel rushed if we lose some time due to storms. This past April we had a few days of rain, but nothing crazy and we made the best of it, but the storms on Friday were nothing to mess with. One year we were stuck with two little children in a stroller (with no rain cover) and a mom in an electric scooter at the Magic Kingdom. (electric + scooter + freaked out mom=not a good mix)  The storm came in out of nowhere, as is sometimes the case in Florida. This was not a simple “pop up” afternoon thunderstorm. We were at the bus depot when the clouds turned a not so lovely color of green and it became a scary situation. The cast members handled it so well, but from that time on, we never wanted to be in that kind of storm again. So, when the clouds started looking strange again, we knew our plans had changed. It was late already and we had dinner reservations that night, so we had downtime. As a mom I am sure you know how amazing just being able to sit in silence can be. We sat by our balcony and watched as the sky just opened. It was crazy! It was perfect.

Let’s try this again.

Saturday morning: Breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall: Check.  I might also add that once AGAIN, the breakfast was AMAZING! Definitely out “go-to” place for breakfast now! And how awesome was it to have each princess wish us a Happy Anniversary and ask me if “he was my prince’, if “he found my glass slipper” and when taking a picture with my husband, whether they could “take his arm”. It was so incredibly sweet and romantic. Perfect for an anniversary!

OK. Now we’re ready for rides. We were able to get a fast pass for Test Track and headed over to Mission Space: Orange. The “orange” part was what scared me the most. I started to wonder though. Does Disney build it up to make it “seem” worse than it is? I couldn’t count the number of times they said, “If you have motion sickness, or have never had it before, be prepared.” Great. Fun. Thanks kids! As we walked up, I was getting a bit nervous, more so about the spinning aspect of it. I kept telling myself, “I’ve got this. No problem.”  I was the navigator. I just hoped I would be able to concentrate enough to do my job navigating as we were spinning. I had heard about the G forces, but didn’t know what to expect. First of all, if you want to “kind of” experience blasting off, you must try this ride. I am sure it pales in comparison to the real thing, or even the real flight simulator, but this was so cool. I’ve been on Mission Space: Green before and it was good, but this really felt like you were blasting off. Now I knew what they meant about the G forces. I could literally feel my neck being pushed back. (make sure you keep your head back). There were a few other times I felt that, but other than that, it wasn’t that bad. My husband and I made the decision that until our kids get a bit older and can handle keeping their heads back, this ride is to us, a bit too intense for them.  In one of my earlier blogs, I stated that although the height requirement may match your child’s size, only you know what your child can handle. No way our kids are ready for that. They warn that if you have a bad neck etc. not to ride it. We wouldn’t want to start any problems with them at their age!

Now off to Test Track.  We love the new queue! Sure, we’ve done this before, but this time we were able to design our own car without the help of Princess Minnie and Jedi. We designed this sleek, beautiful blue race car.  What a fun way to stand in line and wait while not feeling like you are! Now it was time to ride! My husband, such a prince, told the girl sitting next to us to make sure she removed her Minnie ears because she undoubtedly would lose them.  She had never been on it before and we knew that once you hit the outside track and the wind hits you, poor Minnie ears would be gone. She thanked us when we were done. We love that ride, but we wish the imagineers would just let it be a track outside where you could go round and round those corners. That is the best part. Speed freaks we are!

We decided to try out the Storm Struck exhibit in Innoventions. We are weather geeks in our house and know that when Jim Cantore shows up in our backyard, we are in trouble. We had a nice talk with one of the castmembers as we waited and then went in. We watched as a tornado tore through a fake town and then were quizzed on how to keep make your house “storm safe”. It was so interesting and yet another example of how Disney ties fun and learning together. I never really thought about the plants in our landscaping, have you? Hmm. Deeper root systems make for safer plants, less likely to fly in your window or your neighbor’s windows in a storm. The things you learn in Disney World!

Then we headed to World Showcase, our favorite. We walked from country to country.  Hubby of course had to do his “beer walk” he loves so much. He always says, “Where else can you have a beer in England and Germany in the course of a few hours?”.  We went to the Japan pavilion and walked through the store. Princess Minnie would go NUTS with the Hello Kitty store that is there! (but to me, something is wrong with going to Disney and buying Hello Kitty) My husband loved checking out the samurai swords.  It’s just so cool to be able to experience what other cultures are like. My husband had no idea Hello Kitty originated in Japan. I knew that because we had a Japanese store in my town where I would get all my Hello Kitty school supplies. Like mother, like daughter.

We made our way to the American Adventure. We wore our anniversary buttons everywhere and most of the castmembers and strangers would wish us a Happy Anniversary. This time, we didn’t know what was happening. The cast member came up to us, asked us our last name and where we were from. After telling him, he told us to walk with him to a phone.  He gave me a special code to put in. I dialed the number and there was Goofy.  Wishing me a happy birthday. Um. Guess I punched in the wrong number! I didn’t miss a beat, I just pretended Goofy said anniversary. Then he said as a special treat we would be able to watch the show from the balcony.  We used the cast member elevator and went upstairs to the balcony.  We had an awesome view of the singers below. Watch a little off what they do.  They are AMAZING! Then we went into the theater, picked a seat and watched the show. It was such a special treat!

That was a little bit of our day at Epcot. I feel like we could have done so much more, but this part was perfect as well.  Just the way it was supposed to be.


Next up: Animal Kingdom


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