You’ve taken care of accommodations, your travel arrangements and now you’re ready to think about meal planning.  MamaMouse firmly believes in utilizing the Disney Dining Plans.  Why? The answer is simple.  Although we are a healthy family, we do like to eat. When we do eat out, we like to go to a variety of restaurants and enjoy table service meals. We like options in both where we eat and what we eat. We also like knowing that we only have to worry about paying the gratuity.  If you saved up your change for a whole year, you probably would have enough to cover your entire meal plan, if not more! Or, one less Starbucks Mocha  a day, and you’d be set!

The dreaded word…budget.  What is your budget for food for the trip, including tips?  How much does your family eat? Questions like these will guide your decision about doing a plan or paying OOP or out of pocket.  Just remember, you are on vacation and the World does revolve around theme parks, which means the food can be pricey. If you look at the Dining Plans link, you will see a comparison of what the plan covers in a day, versus out of pocket. I think once you see it in black and white, it may make your choice that much easier.

Next up, Personality..