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When I mentioned to my 7 year old son that we were going to review an electronic gadget, he was so excited.  I have to say that I was too, because when I was his age I was always taking apart radios and telephones to figure out how they worked.  I knew it involved circuits, but I never really understood why they worked the way they did.  This project was going to be something we could do together.

As a homeschooler, I love being able to bring in new experiences for my children to participate in.  I jumped at the chance for this one. 🙂

We eagerly awaited for ‘the box’ to arrive.  My son kept waiting for the doorbell to ring and then one day, voila! It did.  It was like Christmas day in our house.  He came running into the kitchen ready to open it. He wanted to work on it that moment, but mean mommy made him wait until we actually had the time to pay attention to what we were doing.  He thought it had to be as easy as putting a simple lego together.  I knew it had wires and circuits which meant we had to pay attention, otherwise we might fry our new EEME project. We didn’t want to do that!

Finally! The time came to put the Project Genius Light together. This is what the Project Genius Light looks like before it is put together:


We went to the website and found the video lesson to match our project.  Easy peasy.  Once you subscibe to the EEME program, you will receive a new project once a month.  There is a website which provides the online videos which will walk your child through the process of completing the project.  Through the course of the video tutorial, your child will answer questions based on what he/she has learned. It is so easy to use!

As you can see in the pictures, my son built the light himself. His little fingers seemed perfect for this sort of project.

IMG_2414 IMG_2412

He watched the video, followed the directions, answered the questions and tested his light.  It didn’t work at first. Hmm.  Now I was perplexed.  There was a slight glitch in the video and one of the segments would not show up.  I truly believe this was a glitch in our computer because from what I understand, the tutorials were working correctly for others who were testing it.  We went back over it step by step and finally figured out that he had missed a crucial wire when he connected everything. Once we fixed it, it worked.  He was so proud of what he had built!

Probably the best part for me is that now he comes up with ideas that would use similar parts.  He has said to me, “Mommy, if I can buy a breadboard(the white rectangular piece) and some wires and another LED light, I could make…”  I love that this has sparked his curiosity and interest in electronics!

The EEME projects are for children ages 7 to 12.  Subscriptions start at $18.95 each month and are shipped on the 1st of each month.  EEME also has a special offer when you sign up.  You can receive a free month for each friend you refer.

If you think you might want to try out EEME, now is the time! Thanks to John, creator of this amazing program, my readers are being offered a special, limited time (until September 16th!) FREE first month when you subscribe!  You will receive your own Project Genius Light.  Make sure to use this link to gain access to the site and click on  “Get Your Free Month”.  It’s that easy!

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