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If you are like me, you are have all sorts of books around the house, probably on almost every object under the sun. The one type of book that I must admit has never been in my house, even when the kids were younger, was an ABC book based on the Bible. Maybe they were out there, but I have never seen any.

Along comes Apologia’s newest book called, A Light for My Path~ an ABC book Based on Psalm 119 written by Davis Carman. I was so excited when I learned that I would be able to review this book because I am a true believer in all the books that Apologia publishes. I know that what my children read AND learn from their books, will be based on firm Biblical principles and will be in line with what my husband and I believe. Apologia teaches “a biblical worldview built on the solid foundation of God’s Word and centered on Jesus Christ”.  Knowing that a publisher’s books are founded in faith, makes it so much easier as parents to choose suitable material for our children. It is the most important part of our role as parents~ making sure our children are rooted in their faith.


Since we use Apologia books, I knew what to expect in terms of quality. Their books are always well written, designed beautifully and just a joy to read! A Light for My Path is no different. Although it is a small book, it is not lacking in any of those areas. A Light for My Path is chock full of so much information that I can actually use this book for my children who are 5 and 7! There are so many ways to extend the learning beyond the simple ABC’s.

Your children will not only learn their ABC’s according to the English alphabet, but they will learn them in the beautiful and historic language of Hebrew as well. As an incredible added bonus, your children will dive deeper into God’s Word and be introduced to Psalm 119. Let’s also not forget the beautiful illustrations on each page and the ability to enhance learning into different curriculums such as history and science!

Author Davis Carman believes this book has four main objectives which he outlines in this book:

  1. Provides a special reading time for you and your children. He wants this book to be read together so that you and your children will form a unique and special bond during reading time.
  2. Designed to help your children learn the alphabet.
  3. Helps teach capital and lowercase letters. Take note of the capital letter which is on the page and the word next to it. They are in the same color to draw attention to the capital and lowercase letters.
  4. Meant to instill reverence and love for God’s Word which will give children a desire to read the Bible and grow in their faith. The author uses a specific word on each page to describe God’s Word, laws, statutes, decrees, commands and precepts.

A Light for My Path also contains a quick reference guide to the English alphabet, descriptive word and animal that is illustrated on each page. The author also explains how the Hebrew alphabet can be taught in conjunction with Psalm 119. I never would have thought as an adult, I would actually learn something from an ABC book, but this is not an ordinary ABC book!

Your children will not only love the illustrations and have fun guessing what the animals are, but there is a kind of seek and find built into the book. Each new letter page has a “visitor” as my daughter called it, from the previous page! Your children will have so much fun looking for the “visitor”!

Here is a sample of the book!

Download (PDF, 1.63MB)

As you can see, it is GORGEOUS!

If you have been looking for a book to add to your Bible studies or to your current curriculum, I highly suggest A Light for My Path. Priced at only $14.00, this book is a bargain considering how much learning is provided to you and your family.

For more information on A Light for My Path, please visit Apologia’s website.    Apologia also can be found on the web at the following places:


If you decide to use this book in your house, I would love to hear what you think about it and how you are using it!  Be sure to come back and let me know all about your adventures! Happy Reading!

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