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It’s that time of year again when moms and dads start shopping for the upcoming school year. As a homeschooling mom, I am always on the lookout for supplemental materials to use with my two young children. As a new product reviewer, I was over the moon to have the opportunity to try out and review LeapFrog brand products! These LeapFrog products are unique because they are not the electronic kind that normally come to your mind. These products are made by MEGA Brands America under the LeapFrog brand. If you are a mom of small children, you are probably already familiar with their products, MEGA Blocks being one of them. This is the second year that the company is publishing these types of products. These LeapFrog products by MEGA Brands are available for purchase (MSRP $0.99 – $24.99 for children ages 3 and up) at major retailers including Toys R Us, Michaels, Joann’s, Target, Walmart, Officemax, and Costco.

I must admit, LeapFrog is BIG in our house! We have had LeapFrog products since our children were barely walking. Of course, those were the electronic kind. Last year we started homeschooling and noticed the LeapFrog by Mega Brands products in the stores. I soon realized that the paper products are not in the toy section where the electronics are located. Instead, they can be found in the stationary section or in the section set aside for school supplies. (Target has them in the school supply section, Walmart has them in the stationary section.) This year they have added so many new and creative ways to learn! Honestly, we were already looking for what to purchase when I was picked for this review. We decided to be patient and see what goodies we would receive in the mail. (the anticipation level for us was crazy!)

“So what do you think we got, Mommy?”, was my daughter’s question as she proudly carried the box in the house.

Here are a few pictures of the beginning of our adventure!

IMG_2390LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts IMG_2392LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts


It was like Christmas morning at our house! Thank you so much LeapFrog by Mega Brands for sending us such an amazing assortment! Now to try them out!

Printing Tablet

My daughter LOVES anything that involves the words dry erase. She was so excited to see the large printing tablet and the smaller, hand-sized numbers tablet. She immediately started in the printing tablet which I loved, because I wanted to check how her writing was since we have been on summer break. The tablet was the perfect size for her little hands to navigate without the dreaded smearing that happens alot when you use a dry erase tablet and forget to keep your hands off what you have already written. There are dotted letter guides to assist in remembering how the letters are written and pictures to outline at the top which make the learning that much more fun! The only thing she did mention was that in her opinion, the printing tablet should have come with a dry erase marker like the numbers one did. That makes perfect sense to me. I think alot of moms might pick this up at the store and not think to buy a dry erase marker for it. I think that will be an easy fix for the company next time around. 🙂








Numbers Tablet

This little tablet is a treasure in our house. My soon to be 2nd grade son wanted to use this as well, but my daughter said, “This is MINE!”. She finally let him use it AFTER she was done enjoying it for awhile, but she also had to add a caveat. He would be allowed to use it when SHE decided he could. It is THAT popular in our house! They both loved the different number exercises in it, connect the dots and games!

IMG_2446LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts IMG_2445LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts IMG_2444LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts






Sight Word Cards

I am a former teacher and I have bought numerous sets of sight word cards over the course of my career when I was in the classroom. I also bought cards last year when we started homeschooling. They’re always the normal cards with just the words written on them. The LeapFrog cards are different. These cards not only have the word, they have a complete sentence WITH the word highlighted on the bottom of the card below the word. This is a BIG deal and such a help! Now instead of just having her read the words, my daughter can practice her reading at the same time AND hear how the word is used in a sentence. These cards are an invaluable tool to anyone wanting to boost their child’s reading ability!

IMG_2405LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts IMG_2401LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts







1st Grade Ready for Math Workbook

Another hit in our house! This workbook is colorful and jam-packed with learning. My daughter immediately jumped in and started practicing her skills. I didn’t even have to ask her. Both of my children love learning and so when a new book comes along, they are eager to get started. One of the greatest things about this workbook is the number line that is found at the top of every page. It is so incredibly helpful to the child who is learning how to work with numbers. My daughter has a good grasp on skip counting, but it was a great refresher and something new to her to use the number line to skip count by two’s.  Another wonderful aspect of this book are the stickers that are included! Every time my daughter finished a page, she could place a sticker on that page. She looked forward to completing her work and receiving that sticker for a job well done. 🙂  I would love if LeapFrog would do an entire series of leveled books like this. It is wonderful and so much fun!

IMG_2447LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts IMG_2448LeapFrogLeapFrogProducts







Success Chart

When we opened the box and saw the large success chart, you should have heard the “oohs and aahs”! Why? Last year, we actually used the success charts for our lessons. We had the smaller version, but I LOVE the new, bigger chart! We cannot wait to use these charts when our lessons start up again. The awesome thing is that these charts can be used for anything, and that includes non-school related activities. Since we used it in our homeschool, we wrote in all the lessons we had for the day, plus extra spots for listening and paying attention. At the end of a successful week, the children would receive a reward. These charts can be used in so many ways!











I would like to thank Mega Brands again for the opportunity to review these awesome products! They will definitely get a lot of use this year in our home! Please remember that if you are looking for the LeapFrog products, you will not find them with the electronic products such as LeapPads. You can only find them in the stationary or back to school aisle of your favorite stores. One last note-these are incredibly inexpensive to purchase with prices ranging from the MSRP of $0.99 – $24.99, depending on the type of product you purchase.

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