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As a homeschooler, I come across all sorts of curriculum each year. This year I was introduced to Math Mammoth because of my partnership with Mosaic Reviews. I already had our curriculum in place for this year, but I was willing to try it out and see if my second grade son would like it. I am always looking for new materials just in case we need to switch things up.


I had a choice of which series to pick, the Blue Series which offered worktexts based on topic or the Light Blue Series, which offered a full curriculum. I chose the Light Blue Series. The Blue Series covers grades 1-7 and contains explanations of the topics and is most like a workbook and textbook combined. The Light Blue Series which I reviewed is for grades 1-6 and is more mastery oriented. I was happy I chose that series because I thought my son might do well with it.

A little background on the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series:

  • Affordable books that are available via download or through printed books at
  • Complete elementary mathematics curriculum
  • Includes two worktexts, supplemental materials such as websites for games, answer keys and tests
  • Focuses on conceptualized learning
  • Emphasizes mental math and number sense
  • Currently aligned with Common Core

You can purchase the entire curriculum for $34 for an entire year, although I did notice that on their website they state a 10% increase will go into effect in October for downloaded materials. I can’t imagine that would deter anyone because the price is great for an entire year! You can also purchase the actual books.

So, what did I think about Math Mammoth?

I loved that it had alot of worksheets because my son LOVES worksheets. He definitely is not a kinisthetic learner. He is more analytical and prefers things to be cut and dry. With his current curriculum, he has plenty of worksheets to keep him happy, so this was right up his alley. If you are looking for a curriculum that is Common Core aligned, Math Mammoth fits the bill.


Complete curriculum (as a former teacher, I know how much work was put into this curriculum. It is massive!)

Very neatly laid out

Easy to read fonts

Mastery of skills

Common Core aligned


Large download file

Uses lots of paper and ink (unless you pay and go to Staples )

Possibly different style of teaching


Here is my son working hard on his worksheets! He loves his worksheets! 🙂


If you look at the images below, you will see that all of the addition and subtraction problems were set up horizontally. Everything is set up in neat boxes to differentiate the types of problems. I believe this makes it easier for the child to know when they are moving on to a different topic.








If you’d like to know more about Math Mammoth and what they have to offer, please check out this video!


I think if your child is the type of learner that does well with mastery versus spiral learning, your child would do well with it. As with any curriculum and any homeschooling venture, the best thing to do is try it out. For the price point of Math Mammoth, it is well worth a try!

Be sure and go to the Mosaic Reviews website to read more reviews about Math Mammoth from the rest of the team.


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