One Reason I Love Disney World








As you can tell from my blog, I love everything about Walt Disney World. If I had to pinpoint one thing that stands out for me, it would be customer service. We’re not talking about customer service where they pretend that you’re right. I’m talking about Cast Members who go the extra mile to make sure that when you are on resort property, your time is magical. I can’t even count the number of times that people have gone out of their way to make sure they my family was taken care of. It’s not even because I blog about Disney World- that is not even a factor yet. It’s just that Cast Members at Walt Disney World truly try to make your experience magical. It is a way of treating people that Walt Disney tried to instill in his employees.

When my daughter was younger, about 6 months old, we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Somewhere along our travels, probably at Magic Kingdom, I lost her bottle. I realized when we got to the hotel and it was really late, that I lost it. I went to the front desk and asked them if they knew where I could buy one. They told me to go take care of my daughter and they would handle it for me. About a half hour later, I had a bottle.  It was a godsend!

During our last trip, my daughter just wasn’t right. As a mom you know when something is not right with your child, but there were no symptoms at all. She just looked really tired. The first few days we had a lot of rain, so Princess Minnie and Jedi had to wait to go to the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. Instead, we went to Hollywood Studios and waited in line to meet Minnie. Obviously, my Princess Minnie was so excited to see the real Minnie. In typical five year old fashion, my daughter was standing on the curb that is in front of a fence which encircled a tree and flowers. She put her foot in between the fence and then ended up falling. She scraped her knee really badly. My sister and I pulled her off the line even though she was very close to meeting Minnie. A cast member came over to see if she was ok and then allowed her back in line. When we got up to Minnie, Minnie was told that my daughter had hurt herself. As you can see in the pictures, Minnie took very good care of my daughter.


As you can see, Minnie dried her tears and made my daughter feel so much better!

Now remember what I said about knowing when your child is not feeling well? As if her morning at Hollywood Studios was not enough, later in the week we tried to go to the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. The kids were so excited about finally getting to their must-do! Unfortunately, it was short-lived for my daughter. She ended up getting sick. My sister went to a cast member to ask if they sold baby wipes. They didn’t, but the cast member asked my sister what happened.  After she told him, he instructed her to pick out a new outfit complete with a new pair of sandals. He was going to make sure her terrible experience turned into a magical one. That’s what they do at Disney.

My sister came back with my son and presented her with her new Minnie dress and matching sandals that my son picked out especially for her. She was so happy. I wanted to make sure that she had some fluids in her so we headed to the Baby Care Center where she had some pedialyte and a chance to cool off. I love the Baby Care Centers!


Princess Minnie in her new dress, relaxing from a long morning.

Those are just a few examples of why I love Disney World. I haven’t even mentioned how they treat you when it’s your birthday, anniversary or other celebration. These are just times when you’re not expecting something magical to happen, but it does. It’s like pixie dust is sprinkled all over.  That’s why I love Disney. It is the happiest place on Earth and my favorite place to be!






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