I bet you’re thinking, “MamaMouse, what the heck does my personality have to do with meal planning?”.  I’d have to say, ALOT! Whether you realize it or not, your personality plays a key role in EVERYTHING you do, down to the resort you choose to stay at.  With meal planning, it is no different.  How you live your life in general can be a key to how you want your vacation to be.  Are you a planner in your family’s life?  If you’re like me, you have at least one calendar (if not two or three including one on your phone) and you have all the activities scheduled on it.  Maybe you’re a meal planner at home as well.  I personally find meal planning at home far more complicated than at Disney, but maybe that’s because I have to cook! 🙂 So, the question is, what personality do you have?

I’ll throw out some things and if you agree with most of them, you are a PLANNER…

  • Likes being organized
  • Likes knowing what to expect
  • Likes things to go as planned
  • Likes keeping a schedule
  • Likes to know exactly where you need to be
  • Does not like change (or change that can seriously mess plans up)
  • Likes to have options


If you are a planner, welcome to my world!  Still wondering and not sure…

  • Likes spontaneity
  • Doesn’t like to have to plan
  • Doesn’t want to think about what you will eat 180 days in advance (more on that later!)
  • Doesn’t mind change
  • Goes with the flow
  • Wants the ability to do as you want, when you want


Sound like you? You are Mr. or Mrs. Spontaneity!  Sometimes I do like living like that, but I’ve found that being spontaneous at Disney with what our family was going to eat, rarely worked out for us. It is especially more difficult when you have larger groups.  for me to be that way.  I still have fairly picky eaters in our house, so planning ahead where we will eat works for us. When dining in Disney, sometimes spontaneity can create unforeseen problems.

Remember I mentioned that 180 days in advance rule?

When you plan your vacation, you can make dining reservations 180 days in advance of your arrival date.  Just remember that dining reservations are open to everyone, not just those staying at a Walt Disney World Resort!  That means that if you are not a planner, you run the risk of not being able to eat at the restaurants you prefer.  This happened to me husband and me. We changed our plans at the last minute and wanted to go to a different restaurant. We had reservations somewhere else, but canceled them. We wanted to eat at Teppan Edo in the Japan pavilion at Epcot.  We made our way there, only to be told they were booked.  Ok, so we won’t eat there.  Let’s try some place else.  We spent an hour walking around World Showcase looking for a seat. No luck.  Finally, we decided to make our way to Downtown Disney. We knew we wanted a table service meal.  We walked around and finally ended up at Raglan Road. Thankfully, we were able to eat there and as luck would turn out, it became one of our favorites!  But, I wouldn’t want that to happen with our two kids in tow!  If you don’t mind taking that sort of chance, then by all means, do that. I’m only speaking from my personal experience and since alot of my mom friends are the same way, I thought you should know!

When you purchase a meal plan, depending on the type you choose, you will know what exactly is covered within it. If you get the basic Disney Dining Plan, you will receive one snack, one quick service and one table service meal per day. The most important thing to note is that EVERY guest staying in the room MUST be on the meal plan. (excluding 3 and under of course!)  It also means that you must be on the SAME meal plan. This has caused a little bit of discussion with my family of 9 because two of our 9 would like the Deluxe plan, but because we are in the same room, we go by majority rules.  If you pay out of pocket, then it doesn’t matter where or how you spend your money.

Next up, Plan/OOP.