You’ve seen the commercials, maybe friends or family have gone and you’re thinking, “I want my family to go to Disney.” BUT, you’re unsure how you would go about planning a trip to the house of the mouse.  Maybe you’ve heard that planning a trip like Disney is time-consuming and confusing.  I must admit that to a “newbie”, it can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Once you’ve navigated through and understand the basics, you’ll be more than ready to start planning the trip of a lifetime!

Planning a trip to Disney is a little more complex than say, booking a room at the beach and simply showing up. BUT, I will tell you that it is extremely do-able and well worth the effort that you put into it. Believe me, when I first starting planning a trip to the happiest place on the Earth, I was intimidated. I did all the research (and it was a lot more difficult back then-no go to website like this one) and had a firm understanding of how to do it. Now, planning a trip is so much easier because I have the knowledge and experience on my side.  If you’re as busy as I am with everyday life, then maybe you don’t feel you have the time to plan a trip.  You’re in luck!  I’ve done all the research, so now you can just come to one place and save yourself tons of time looking for everything you need because it’s all right here. It’s like having your very own Disney personal assistant! As busy mom, dad or caregiver, you’ll probably be thankful for an extra set of hands!

The first question I asked was, “Where do I even begin?”. If that’s your question, then look no further…the vacation of a lifetime begins right here! 🙂