Height Requirements

There are certain rides that have height requirements.  Most are either 40″ or 44″ with some being 48″.  Please take the time to decide beforehand what rides may or may not be suitable for your child/children.  Just because your child may be 44″ does not mean he/she will automatically be comfortable on a ride.  My then, 5 year old son went on Space Mountain and had no problem with it.  The darkness and speed didn’t bother him. Now, a year later, he doesn’t want to go on it because of the same things!  Pirates of the Caribbean was another issue.  As we walked in, he froze and flat out refused to go on it.  My sister ended up not riding it because she volunteered to stay with him. (it was the last ride of the night)  You know your child better than anyone else! Listen to your instincts.  Disney has special exits that you can use if this happens!

Ride/Theme Park
Magic Kingdom
Splash Mountain 40″
Big Thunder Mountain 40″
Space Mountain 44″
Tomorrowland Speedway 54″ riding alone, 32″ with guest over 54″
Test Track  40″
Soarin’  40″
Mission Space  44″ (choose Green over Orange for timid little ones!)
Hollywood Studios
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith  48″
tar Tours  40″
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror  40″
Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest  44″
Dinosaur  40″ (can be very scary for young ones!)
Kali River Rapids  38″
Primeval Whirl  48″
Typhoon Lagoon
Humunga Kowabunga  48″
Mayday Falls  under 48″
Ketchakiddee Creek  under 48″
Keelhaul Falls  under 48″
Crush ‘n’ Gusher  48″
Blizzard Beach
Summit Plummet –  48″
Cross Country Creek  under 48″
Downhill Dipper  48″
Chair Lift  32″
T-Bar  under 48″
Slush Gusher  48″