What Do I Need to Know Before I Go to Disney World?

things to know wdw

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can seem like a daunting experience. It doesn’t have to be.

Your personality and preferences will direct how you plan for your trip.  If you’re a planner like me who doesn’t like too many surprises and likes schedules, then you can do that. If you are the type that doesn’t like to plan that much and do things on the spur of the moment and be more spontaneous, then you can do that.  MamaMouse is the ultimate planner when it comes to a Disney trip. I’ll explain why I plan everything out.

We are Disney Vacation Club members which in itself, requires a bit of planning due to reservation window and timing. (see DVC for more info on that!) We travel every year and we have 9 people including our two small children that are vacationing.  When you have 9 people, you have to think of everything. The room is taken care of through our membership, so that part is easy. Deciding where to stay is not difficult either. If you’re not a member, then you have to look at your budget and decide what type of accommodation fits in your budget and style.

Then you have all the other questions…Who has tickets and who needs them?  How many days do they want and do they want park hoppers?  How is everyone getting there?  Does anyone need to use Disney’s Magical Express?  If we are on a food plan-we always are-then the question is, “When and how will people pay for it?”  Because of the popularity of restaurants, it’s become increasingly important-especially if you’re picky-to make your dining reservations 180 days in advance of your trip. For more on that, go to DINING.  THEN, you can start to think about the questions that involve the actual members of your family.

I have two small children which means a lot of kid’s stuff makes the trip.  Thankfully we travel by car so it makes it a bit easier. In a way, sometimes I think flying would be better because we’d really have to limit our things!   I know that just a trip to the beach means packing a ton of stuff that we might need.  See my general packing list that I made up to make life easier!