Why Go to Disney World?

Obviously if you have landed on my site, you are interested in Walt Disney World. Maybe you’re just looking for information for the future, or maybe you’re planning a trip that will happen shortly. Either way, you’re at the right place.

Why would someone choose to go to Walt Disney World for a vacation when there is so much to see in the rest of the country or the world? If you’ve never been to Disney before, then it will definitely be an adventure, much like traveling to any other new destination. The only difference is that you are pretty much guaranteed a great time and outstanding customer service. I’ve traveled to many other places and while I had a great time, my experience just never compared to what I experience at Walt Disney World. Why is it so different? It’s hard to sum it up, but I’ll do the best I can.

Walt Disney was a pioneer. He knew how to dream and he didn’t just dream little dreams. He dreamed big, spectacular dreams. I’d say he was actually more of a visionary. He saw the future of what could be and took steps to build it. It reminds me of the quote from the movie, “Field of Dreams”. “If you build it, they will come.” Well, he built it, that’s for sure. But it is the attention to detail that always astounds me. I have been to Disney World too many times to count and I am still, years later finding things out that I had no idea about. Honestly, I never even really gave it much thought until I realized how much I loved the World and wanted to know as much as I could. I always knew about the “utilidors” which are underground tunnels in the Magic Kingdom, but I never realized that those are actually ground level and that the actual Magic Kingdom is built on top of it. Basically, on the second floor! The dirt that was excavated to make Seven Seas Lagoon was heaped on top of the utilidors and that is was you are walking on as you walk up Main Street to the castle. Things like that make a trip to Disney really interesting. Disney can be a true learning experience because of all the details. But I’m sure you might just want to go to relax, am I correct?

Walt Disney World Resort is a wonderful place to be on the go and have fun with all the attractions, but it’s also great for relaxing. First of all, if you stay on-site, your transportation needs are taken care of. Sure, you can use your car if you have it, but I never do. As a mom of two little ones who chauffeurs them here and there, I LOVE not having to drive! Need more relaxation? There are white sand beaches, pools in abundance, spots to sit and reflect on the day and even spas where you can enjoy a massage or facial. Honestly, my favorite way to relax and have “Mommy-time” came last year when I started running. We stayed at Boardwalk Villas for the first time and I would get up at 5 or 5:30am and go for a run around Crescent Lake. The only people out were a few other runners or maintenance people planting flowers or cleaning the walkways. It was so quiet. Like the type of serenity that comes from the new day starting and all you hear are birds. Ahhh… To be there right now.

What’s great about Walt Disney World is that they have thought of everything. Do you need groceries for your room? Use the Garden Grocer service. You place your order, pay for it and they deliver it. Babysitting services? Thought of it. Forgot to buy tickets? Got that covered. Lost a baby bottle somewhere, somehow? They’ll get one for you! That last part is a perfect example of Cast Members (CM) that go above and beyond for their guests. My daughter was a baby and we lost her bottle. We didn’t realize until 12am when we had returned from one of the parks. (we also lost one in the park and I was able to pick one up there) It was too late for the shops to be open. All I knew was that my daughter would not go to sleep without one last drink. I asked them if they knew where I could get one because I would go pick one up. Even if it meant leaving the property. They told me they would check and “not to worry”, they would take care of it. Well, I truly believe in the power of pixie dust because not a half hour later, a cast member knocked on our hotel room door with a brand new bottle AND they didn’t even charge me! If you find customer service like that anywhere else, whether you are staying value or deluxe, I don’t know where that would be!

There’s a reason people call it “The Happiest Place on Earth”!