When most people think of Walt Disney World, they think of the rides, the castle and the characters. If you’ve ever stayed at Walt Disney World, then you would also think of the resorts.  These resorts are not just “hotels”, they are complete areas on their own.  Each resort, whether Value, Moderate or Deluxe has its own feature pools and unique characteristics that make it truly Disney. When Disney imagineers a new resort, they take EVERYTHING into consideration. It’s not just about having a building with rooms.  It’s about creating an experience where you are transported into whatever vision they are creating.  The newest resort Art of Animation is a perfect example.  This resort pays homage to some of the most popular Disney animated films.  If you are staying in the Little Mermaid section, you’d better believe it’s an underwater theme complete with Flounder, Sebastian and Ariel of course!

So, when you’re thinking about where to stay, don’t just look at the money.  Think about the experience you want to be surrounded with.  That will create a much better experience for you and your family!