Special Dietary Request

Walt Disney World’s Food & Beverage team can help you with any dietary requests you might have.  Please note that it is best to give them advance notice of any requests, but usually the cast members are able to help guests out. Honestly, I have never had customer service like I have had at WDW and that is what sets it apart from other destinations. My niece is allergic to gluten and pineapple. When we arrived at the various restaurants, she spoke to the manager and in turn, he spoke to the chef. At the buffet, the chef came out and personally walked her through the buffet to tell her what was safe for her to eat.  Since there were no gluten free desserts on the buffet line, he made her special cupcakes for dessert?  At another restaurant, the chef made a special breakfast for her with the most amazing gluten-free Mickey waffles she has ever had! But don’t ask for the recipe or the specific type of flour they use …it’s part of Disney magic and they won’t tell!