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I was invited to participate in a trial for the online learning program called, Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid curriculum review. Time4Learning offers an online curriculum for prek-8th, with some courses forhigh school, and resources that help with things like homeschool portfolio reviews. This can be useful as an afterschool curriculum as well.

Signing my two children up was very easy.  I just entered their information including grade level and then the company sent me back all of the login information I would need.  There is a great section for parents which enables you to track progress, generate reports and see what the lessons are before the children have even started.  The interface is very easy to use and well laid out.  Now for the fun part!

Here are some images of what the interface looks like:

t4l2 t4l3

I had been told by a friend that Time4Learning was really helpful and that they use it pretty much exclusively for their homeschool lessons.  I definitely see how you could do that.  The lower level subjects contain content from reading, language, math, science and history and it builds on prior learning. Learning can now take place into the high school years.  It was time to try this out and see if my children liked it or not.  They did.

Here are some of the pros (more of them!) and cons of the online learning software.


Child can work at their own pace

Clear, easy to read interface

Challenging, depending on the level

Well thought out lessons

Covers a wide range of content

Fun with bright colors

Feels like a game, but is really a lesson

Ability to track progress and generate reports

Ability to change grade levels

Price may be considered ow if you use this as a stand alone curriculum



Playground area was sometimes hard to find, thereby frustrating my children (a separate screen would pop up and could not be seen)

Games in the playground are from outside sources like Brain Pop and might not be what you want for your children (I am very picky about sites because of ads on them)

Price for some may be prohibitive if you are on a limited income.


I especially found the reading assessments to be truly beneficial. Overall, I really liked Time4Learning and if I had the extra income, I would definitely add this program to our homeschooling repertoire.



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