“You’re Going to Disney, Again?”

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get when people hear about my vacations is, “You’re going to Disney, again? Why?”. My answer is always the same. Why not? 

To my family, going to Walt Disney World is not just about going on a vacation. It’s about creating magical memories.  It’s about enjoying precious time as an extended family of 3 generations. It’s about sharing our love for what Walt Disney World can offer us and what we have come to enjoy over the years. It’s not just a vacation.

I think my first time to Walt Disney World was when my mom brought my sister and me down there by herself. We stayed at an off-site resort and therefore we saw more of the Orlando and surrounding area attractions. The funny thing was, nothing captured my heart like Walt Disney World. Yeah, Busch Gardens was “nice”. Kennedy Space Center was “cool”. But nothing, could compare to what Disney World was like. I’ve been to Italy and different places across this great country of ours, but I always end up back at Disney. Always.

It isn’t just the attractions. So many people think it’s all about the rides. They say, “it’s for kids”. And while some of it is, it’s more than that.  Strange as it may seem, I think most of our time, even today, is spent enjoying the entire resort area, theme parks and all.  Don’t get me wrong, the rides are awesome and getting better every year, but there is so much more.

Since becoming Disney Vacation Club members in 2008, we have visited at least once a year. If you were to ask me what my favorite memories are, they wouldn’t be standing in line for a ride, or probably even going on one. It’s the little moments that get stuck in my mind and my spirit. Moments with my mom, moments with my husband, my kids, my sisters or the rest of my family. It’s a moment I captured on camera when I came back from working out in the early morning and the only light coming into the room was the light between the two curtains. Silhouetted in that light was my mom and my young son sitting on the deck looking out. Or maybe it was the time my son saw some ducks on Main Street, U.S.A. and his dad actually picked one up to show him up close. Or when my daughter wore her Rapunzel dress, got her haircut & an up-do at Harmony Barber Shop and then got her picture taken, looking just like a princess in front of the castle. Or could it be when my 75 year old mother wore my daughter’s Princess Mouse Ears? Now, my mom is no longer with us and those memories are something we will cherish forever. A trip to Walt Disney World is not just about picking any old place to go and take a break for a week or so. It’s about choosing a place that fills your heart with gladness.  It’s knowing that once you see those Walt Disney World signs on I-4, you know great memories are ready to be made.

Call it Disney magic.

Call it whatever you want.

Call it crazy, if you want to, but all I know is, it’s my favorite place to visit!

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